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Established in 1984 by the Jardine family, Campion Marine grew to become Canada’s largest boat manufacturer in the 1990s. At its peak, Campion employed over 250 people and manufactured in excess of 1,000 boats a year for the mid-range market.

In 2005, Rex Jardine formed Vector Powerboats Inc. and with world-leading powerboat designer Ocke Mannerfelt, developed the unique 28R powerboat for the domestic and international retail markets. This V28R is a direct descendant of the infamous B28 which was launched by Campion Marine in the USA in 1994. The B28 was the first powerboat to utilise a stepped hull design and went on to win the prestigious Popular Mechanics Design and Engineering Award in 1995.

A racing version soon followed and in 1996 the B28s won the 4.0-litre UIM World Offshore Racing Championship. Since that time, progressive B-designs have won a further 12 World Championships. The B28 became an icon for efficiency and performance and was banned for five years from competitive APBA offshore racing, as no other manufacturer could compete with its speed and performance. The B28 design is now protected by US patent.

The V28R was developed by Vector Powerboats as a retail version of the B28 and has sold well throughout North America and Europe.

In 2008, attention was turned to a larger design for the powerboat retail market and the development of the Vector V40. The racing prototype was introduced in 2009 and, once again, the international powerboat racing stage was utilised as a proving ground for the new design.

In its first year of racing, the V40 prototype ‘Lucas Oil’ successfully completed the European Offshore Grand Prix Series and finished in second place in the Key West World Championships the following year. A retail version of the V40 was launched in 2010 and forms the basis of the new V40 powerboat range.